OP Sober

30+ agents from West and South of Norway cooperated to put up 38 fields above Rogaland.

Total MU: Over 5 Million.

This meticulously planned operation was nearly destroyed by spoofers, triggerhappy resistanse and one of our own Intel Op. But the Op was saved by quick thinking and agents who sacrificed ther Sunday for a good cause.  Most of the agents spent 12+ hours in the beautiful nature to play the game as it should be.

The op got of to a rocky start when one of our Intel Op’s forgot a word in a message. The Intel Op sendt the message: ‘The portal is down, just start” What the Op meant to say was: “WHEN the portal is down, just start”
This resulted in some premature explosions of XMP’s at a critical portal.
Luckily this did not impact the operation, but some lessons was learned (And ‘someone’ needs to buy a round at the next meetup).