April 21, 2016


Become a cycle warrior

TL;DR: After installing Telegram you click on this Invitelink


This competition hinges on maintaining control of those Mind Unit fields through key scoring Checkpoints that happen every 5 hours. Each competition period has a 175 hour duration. If a Control Field is maintained through the Checkpoint time, then those Mind Units are added to that faction’s running score in that Cell. The faction with the highest average Mind Unit score at 175 hour Cycle end, wins that Cycle.


NR03-GOLF-02 have some challenges in communicating because the cell involves two countries.  To win the regional competition ENL have to be united and have good communication between countries and between the players in the cell.

We also have some very good organized Resistance agents in our cell with some PITA portals that makes our job difficult, and also does that our communication has to be top notch.


Why join the regional competition?

Let’s face it, we’re not sitting on top of the world, nor does our cell have enough MU to make huge differences on the Global MU Score. But we can take our share! And we can piss of some smurfs! And that is very satisfying!

And you can win PRICES. For each cycle we win and an Enlightened agents is No 1 at the regional score list, we’ll give away a price. It could be swags, official Niantic stuff (t-shirts etc), tickets to a cinema near you and so on. (Feel free to contribute!!)


How to enroll as a cycle warrior?

Telegram has been chosen as the primary communication platform. Telegram have many advantages and in our area where cellphone reception can vary, Telegram is superior.

After installing Telegram you click on this Invitelink. The invitelink is only a link to a verifying room, so smurfs: Don’t bother, you’ll just be kicked out and we change the invitelink url.

When verified you will be invited to the operation group where we plan fields, takedowns and blockers.
We really hope you’ll join us in this attempt to  fight the Resistance and to Enlight the world!



Quick tips

  • Each Cycle lasts 175 hours.
  • Scoring Checkpoints occur every 5 hours within a Cycle. There are 35 Checkpoints per Cycle.
  • Only the Fields held at the time of each Checkpoint count toward the MU score. Scoring does not update in real time between Checkpoints.
  • Scores update at the time of each Checkpoint. The MUs held at that Checkpoint are averaged with the running average score for each faction.
  • If a Control Field covers multiple Cells at a scoring Checkpoint, the MU is divided proportionally between the regional Cells that the Field covers based on the fraction of the area of the Control Field that is in each Cell.